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Pure Peppermint Extract
Alcohol (89%), oil of peppermint, and water

Brainwashed by the media, blinded by psychology,
even now, broken souls wander in the air

WOUF! (mumlemumle)
…usually depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions (Janus Geminus (twin Janus) or Bifrons), in some places he was Janus Quadrifrons (the four-faced)
went to the Farmer´s market, and brought a bag full of tropic Madeira frukt bak to the boat; fruktsalad today.


Prior to that, it was very seriously frowned upon, despite Winston Churchill’s assertion that Britain’s entire maritime tradition consisted of «rum, sodomy and the lash».

Selection/Deselection – taking out the trash of dreams.

We do things intentionally, and we intend to do things, wanting to raise one’s arm is something that rarely happens except when we are thinking philosophically about actions.

The thinning down of the unborn future, imagined embryo drained through lack of time.

The novel explores some minority religious views such as paganism.
The Colorado parents who burned the copies claim they «mainly» object to some profanity in the novel.
vaffel does not make one pretty, nor happy. There is no apotheosis.

2. være overflatisk opptatt med l- med andres følelser / l- med tanken om en amerikatur
3. bevege seg lett og raskt det lekte et smil om munnen hennes lett og raskt, et smil, raskt om hennes som ligner hverandre, tanken om andres følelser, raskt og lett lekte et smil med hennes.

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